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Gundam Girls

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November 17th, 2007

tsukinofaerii @ 08:47 pm: [Mod] Announcements
VLG-sama is currently having some health problems. Understandably, this means that she can't give her attention to the story or the cast. She has not abandoned us. She just won't be able to play here or in the mailing list until her health and personal problems are better. So please everyone keep her in your prayers/happy thoughts.


November 14th, 2007

tsukinofaerii @ 02:56 pm: [mod] Layout
Modly Voice: The Layout is being edited. Again. :D But I am currently running a wide-screen (1280xX800), and am therefore entirely unable to be a reliable opinion on its functionability. REPLY and tell me what you think, please! It should be usable in IE6, but I refuse to download IE7 and check there. If someone is unfortunate enough to have already made that upgrade, please let me know how it works. In Mozilla it should be fine, but a smaller screen than mine might have trouble with it.

Please let me know guys! I can't make it work without feedback. ^-^

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November 13th, 2007

tsukinofaerii @ 12:34 pm: (Stravos) Stravos has returneded!
Is anybody after being there? Hello? Where are the pretty girls being?

It is dark in here... so very dark...

thudthud thudthud


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December 9th, 2006

tsukinofaerii @ 11:49 pm: Layout...
I... think I may have figured out a way to cheat on the LJ Layout code so I can do a custom layout without writing my own. So for a little while, expect the layout to be doing strange things until I get it tweaked. ^_^ Here's hoping this works!

ETA: Done. ^-^

tsukinofaerii @ 04:53 pm: Test Post
This is just an example post. This is my Mod icon. The Mod icon is used when I'm supposedly being official and such. (If you can't tell, I just threw this together blindly. After be get rolling a bit, I'll make something that's not quite such an eyesore.) Why did I not just post the Mod icon in the usual spot? Good question. >.>

This would be Crystal's icon, for when she's talking. No fuss, no muss.

And this would be Ram... Are we seeing the pattern?

What I don't like with this option is that people are going to have to know at least a single string of html to post this way... And a lot of people don't. Not to mention that it's image intensive and kind of mind-bendingly annoying. Vamps, care to comment? I figure after we get everything worked out, then I'll bother sorting out the membership.

ETA: Maybe we could use a signature-tag arrangement and limit to one-character per comment... I don't know. x.x

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